Student Testimonials

What students are saying about the Learn More Center:

Rebel wrote:  “I came to the Learn More Center to get my GED.  No one will hire you without one.  When I walked into the Learn More Center, I felt very nervous and ashamed.  Since I started coming, I feel like I have hope for the future.  I can learn and I am somebody.  My family would tell you the Learn More Center has changed me for the good.  I am a confident woman now.”

Lois wrote:  “When I walked into the Learn More Center, I felt welcome, like walking into a place that I’ve been all my life with friends and family.”

Tonya wrote “The staff at the North Manchester LMC are absolutely the best people to work with.  They take time out of their schedule every day to help you be the best you can be at learning.  I received my Associates Degrees at Ivy Tech a couple years ago.  The LMC helped me brush up on my skills before taking the COMPASS test and when I needed help, they were there.  Thank you to all the staff at the LMC for believing in me and helping me believe that I can do it regardless of how many years I’ve been out of school.”

Jami wrote:  “[The staff] seems to care about a person getting their diploma . . . The people in Wabash are extremely helpful and nice.  I know someone who went there and the lady called wanting him to come in and re-do the writing part of the pretest.  I thought that was very thoughtful.  Most places are so busy they don’t think twice about a single student . . . they care about what they do and are there to help and mean it!”

Kimber wrote:  “They are really nice and the most important part is they really do care for their students and believe in you.  I got my GED there and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.  They pushed me to my fullest and got me to do things I never thought I was going to be able to accomplish.  I have my GED and I am going to college at Ivy Tech Community College in Fort Wayne.  Thank you guys so much for everything you have done for me!!!!”

 Class of 2013-2014: National Adult Education Honors Society Recognition & Graduation Ceremony

What excerpts from our 2011-2012 Graduation Ceremony:

North Manchester
Town Life Center

603 Bond Street
North Manchester, IN 46962
Phone: (260) 330-1461
HSE Exam scheduling:
(260) 330-3553

Monday: 9am-7pm
Wednesday: 9am-7pm

Wabash County Community Learning Center

277 North Thorne Street
Wabash, IN 46992
Phone: (260) 330-1082

Tuesday: 9am-6pm
Thursday: 9am-3pm



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