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Celebrate a graduate and great new chapter in Derek’s life! Derek arrived at Learn More Center in January of 2023. He had secured a position at Bosch Automotive though a temporary agency. Part of the requirement to attain a permanent position with Bosch was to secure his High School Equivalency Diploma. Derek reached that goal in September 2023. Bosch hired Derek was a permanent machine operator. This position was accompanied by a $2 an hour raise! Derek enjoys his job at Bosch and is excited to continue and advance with Bosch Automotive.

We are incredibly proud of Derek and his progress. Derek showed amazing growth and improvement in all subject areas. We enjoyed Derek’s sense of humor and his persistence!

In 2023, Indiana instated a “total transcript” option for certain applicable students. The requirements are firm, and students who are eligible for this total transcript option are able to essentially mix and match test options. Subject test scores from 2009 and forward are valid to be combined with GED or HiSET subject tests for those that were not completed or passed previously. This route, while great for some students, is not an easy route. For total transcript, students must have higher average test scores for each subject test. Jaiden, who began her journey with TASC a few years ago, returned in 2023 with the ability to go the total transcript route. She achieved this challenge and reached her goal.

Jaiden returned to school at the Learn More Center to further her education and to feel better about herself and her life. She wants to get a better paying job so she can best support her family and herself. Jaiden lived through some hard moments, and felt that she got to apoint where there wasn’t anything left of her for anyone to support. However, she’s in a better place in her life now. Jaiden has the family she’s always wanted and a much more rekindled relationship with her family. She feels she couldn’t ask for better support than she has now.

As we begin the new year, Jaiden is proud to be a 2023 graduate and we are so proud of her!

Meghan was our FIRST graduate of 2023! Meghan was such a joy to have in the classroom. She once made our math tutor, Bud, laugh so hard we could hear him from downstairs!

“I never thought that I could get my diploma after I dropped out of school. Not only did I miss out on graduation, I spent most of my later teen years recovering from multiple surgeries. For years I told myself that it was too hard and that I wasn’t smart enough to pass the tests, but when I came to the Learn More Center I was blown away by how nice everyone is, how encouraging they are! I arrived with a mindset that it it would take me years to be able to pass the tests, but it took me four-ish months! Today I feel more excited for my future than I have ever though possible. There are not enough words to express how amazing these people here are, how they not only believed in me, but got me to believe in myself.” – Meghan

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