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Learn More Center Board of Directors

Steve Shumaker, President

Albert J. Schlitt, Vice President

Cathie Markstahler, Secretary

Cindy L. Seitz, Treasurer

Karen Bechtold

Melissa Brisco

Terri Camp

Patty Grant

Pam Guthrie

Jesse Height

Jeffrey Kellam

Sally Krouse

Jim Smith

Sally Welborn


Learn More Center Staff

CYNTHIA A. JOHNSON is the Director of Education at the Learn More Center.  She has over 20 years of teaching experience.  Cynthia began her teaching career in Marion, Ohio and furthered her teaching at Sylvan Learning Centers in Fort Wayne, Indiana, after her marriage to her husband, Robin.  As a Lead Instructor at Sylvan, Cynthia assessed incoming students, designed individualized programs, and taught students from age 5 through age 50+ in a variety of programs.  Cynthia’s philosophy of education is “No mind be left behind” and believes all people deserve a quality education. She and Robin have three children, three cats, two dogs, a horse, a tree frog, and numerous fish.  Cynthia volunteers at the Wildlife Rehabilitation facility whenever she is able.

HEIDI STOUT, Instructor, has been working at the Learn More Center as an adult instructor for high school equivalency diploma attainment (HSE) and ENL since 2003.  Heidi and her husband Kurt have four children.  She has put her education from her English degree to use, but has also dabbled in other subjects. “This job has been an amazing blessing in my life because I love meeting new people and being able to help them achieve their personal and educational goals,” she says. “It’s always fun to have an outlet for creative juices to flow.”

DAVID FISHER, Instructor, has been working for the Learn More Center as an Instructor Assistant and English/ELL instructor since June 2009.  He came to LMC with 3 years of experience teaching.  All of his experience up to that point had been teaching English as a second or additional language.  He spent 2 ½ years teaching English in Mexico. David’s interests are music, writing, and education in general.  After graduating Wabash High School in 1989, he worked as a professional musician which led him to Phoenix, Arizona where he lived for 13 years. While in Phoenix, David obtained his Associates degree in Public Relations.  When the opportunity to go to Mexico arose, he jumped at the chance.  David has always loved knowing more about other cultures. While in Mexico, he obtained his teaching certificate.  In May of 2015 David received his Bachelor of Arts degree (Magna cum laude) in social work from Manchester University and has expanded his responsibilities at the Learn More Center to include formally mentoring students on their journey. He believes that once a person decides what they want, they can achieve it and that with a better-educated population the world will only prosper and find peace.  “I live my life by these four agreements:  1. Always do everything to the best of your abilities.  2. Use your words impeccably. 3. Never make assumptions.  4. Don’t take anything personally.”

DIANA NETTELTON– Diana has worked at the Learn More Center since September of 2013 and brings experience in tutoring, teaching, career counseling and high school equivalency attainment (HSE) training with a number of professional training experiences and professional affiliations.

DEB BLATZ – After 32 years with the Warsaw Community Schools system Deb retired in the summer of 2014 and joined the Learn More Center as an instructor in August. Deb brings a wealth of knowledge on educating students to the Learn More Center as she works to inspire and equip students with the knowledge, skills and dispositions to attain their goals.

JEANIE ALLEN,  Instructional Assistant, has been with the Learn More Center since August, 2009, as an Instructional Assistant. As a former LMC student she understands the importance of the center’s mission. As a student she wanted to update her skills so she could enroll at Ivy Tech. She graduated in 2008 from Ivy Tech.  She is married to Shady, and has two sons, one daughter-in-law and a granddaughter.

GARY MONTEL, Development Officer, started at the LMC in May of 2013.  Gary graduated from Manchester College (now Manchester University) and returned in 1988 to work in alumni relations and development until retiring in July of 2012. Gary and his wife Dee have two children and four grandchildren.

CAROLYN CRIST, Receptionist, came to the Learn More Center in October 2005 as an employee of Experience Works, an agency that hires senior citizens to work for non-profit organizations.   She took two computer classes: one in Microsoft Word and one in Microsoft Excel. Carolyn learned to make spreadsheets, posters, greeting cards, and much, much more. After a leave of absence in 2008, Deb Brauneller called to tell her that National Able Network was ready to place someone if she was interested. “Of course I said ‘Yes,’ and here I am again.”  She returned to work in February 2009 and reports that it has been a pleasure.  “It is quite an experience coming here, meeting the students, and watching them advance through their studies.  Each one is an inspiration to me.”  When Carolyn has time to relax, she enjoys reading, crossword puzzles, word searches, and TV game shows.  When she does not want to relax quite as much, she goes to see her two grandchildren, Michael and Felicia.


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