“Two years ago I responded to an ad in the  local paper asking for people to volunteer as tutors at the Learn More Center.  I have worked with two different people are hoping to received their High School Equivalency diploma.  I think I have learned almost as much as the students!  I am very impressed with the programs provided by the Learn More Center.”

 — Amy, LMC Tutor

The Learn More Center helps people who are learning to read, trying to obtain their High School Equivalency diploma (HSE), and preparing to go on the college.  We foster a welcoming environment that includes all learning styles and levels. Tutors are a critical component to our program.  Being a tutor does not call for a degree or any teaching experience.  The most important requirement is having a willingness to help people.

Those interested in becoming a tutor should know a few things:

  • The time commitment of a tutor is usually 1-2 hours a week.
  • An introductory meeting will take place between the tutor, staff, and student in order to match a tutor to the student.  At this meeting, the student’s curriculum will be introduced, testing information will be reviewed, and their problem areas identified. Tutors and students may use this introductory meeting to set up a time for their first session.
  • Occasionally, a tutor-student match is just not a good fit.  Don’t be disheartened by this!  The Learn More Center is able to match you with a new student.
Tutoring can be incredibly rewarding for both the student and tutor, and it is proven that students advance at a greater rate when they have one-on-one attention in addition to classroom time.  We hope that you will consider joining the Learn More Center family as a volunteer tutor.

For inquiries regarding becoming a tutor,  please contact David Fisher at (260)982-6138 or at  david@learnmorecenter.org.

For more information regarding the Learn More Center, visit us at one of our two locations, call 877-363-6128 or by e-mail at gary@learnmorecenter.org. 


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